Payment Shipping & Policies

Here are the terms and policies regarding transactions associated with business generated from this web site. Please review these policies before completing a purchase. My ultimate responsibility to you is to ensure I have a satisfied customer.

Shipping and Handling (S/H) –

Payment must be made and cleared before your purchase can be shipped. You will get an Email confirmation of when your purchase has shipped.

Making Payment –

I prefer payments to be made by PayPal. PayPal offers additional security and flexibility to both the Merchant and the Customer. Making a payment through PayPal can be completed using most major credit cards without signing up for an account. An alternate payment method can be made but must be agreed upon before closing a purchase. Please contact me by email if an alternate payment option is needed.

Returns and Damaged goods –

All items are sold as is. Extreme care is taken during packaging to prevent damage during shipping but damage can still occur. Although no return policy is specified, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way please allow me to rectify your complaint by notifying me using the email link at the bottom of these pages.

I prefer payments by the most secure way to transfer funds … PayPal!

If you are not currently a member, click on PayPal below. Enrollment is completely FREE and takes only a few minutes.